LGBTQ: Symbolic Ceremony and Legally Binding Ceremony

The LGBTQ Weddings Organization was born in 2005 from our vision that Love knows no gender, colour or religion and everyone has the right to love and be loved in return.

The symbolic Wedding Ceremony consists in exchanging vows in front of a celebrant to ratify the union; a formal declaration to renew those promises of love, honour, respect and support.

From June 2016, same sex weddings, called in Italy “Unioni Civili” are permitted and the Ceremony takes place in the Town Hall Rooms or in properties approved by the Italian Government.

We are based in Venice and work throughout Italy and in any desidered Italian destination. We are also an Incoming and Outgoing Travel Agency and Tour Operator that regularly work with overseas clients to plan their Italian Destination Wedding, Honeymoon or just a Romantic “Escapades” to Italy.

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