“GIARDINO D’INVERNO” RESTAURANT of Hotel PAPADOPOLI. Do you know its history?

The “Giardino d’Inverno” Restaurant of the Hotel Papadopoli is  a continuation of the adjacent park, the oldest in Venice. The Park was built on the site of a demolished convent, the property Corfu-born entrepreneurs, and that is why it has the Greek name. Extravagant parties for the nobility held among exotic flowers and rare animals had been taking place in it during 19th century.

The park was reduced in size when the Rio Novo canal was excavated in 1933. Giardino Papadopoli has children playground.

In the 70s the Winter Garden has been designed by Pietro Porcinai, one of the most outstanding Italian landscape architect of the twentieth century. A variety of 36 different tropical plants pays a tribute to the spirit and structure of the ancient, romantic park Papadopoli, visible beyond the window.

The Papadopoli Gardens has been ordered by Count Spiridione to celebrate the love to his beloved Teresa. In Porcinai’s vision his Winter Garden becomes a declaration of botanic love between the inner and surrounding landscape…”

Porcinai was involved in vary projects around the world, mentioning among many a Place Beaubourg, in front of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the intricate relocation of the Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel for UNESCO, and other parks created in various cities of Saudi Arabia.

Inspired by this romantic place, the Chef Marco Grossi interprets the simplicity with the aim of combining an experience of taste: the new and the traditional!

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