September 12th at 10.30 a.m.: Venice top to bottom, the two bell towers: St. Mark and St. Giorgio Maggiore

Our tour starts in Piazza San Marco, where we will visit the buildings in “the most beautiful living room in Europe”, as Napoleon once called it.
We will take the lift to the so called “paron de casa”, or the bell tower of San Marco. The Guide will show you all the architectural features of this iconic landmark of the city of Venice, the historic importance of its bells and its functionality. At the very top of the tower we will inspect the plaque with Galileo Galilei engraved on it and you will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the “Sestieri”of the city, the “calli” and the canals which surround it.

Once back in the Piazza, we will head to San Zaccaria, cross the “Bacino di San Marco” by public water boat and reach the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, which is only a few metres away from the island of the Giudecca. It is a magical place, far from the regular tourist trails and has maintained its original charm since the 10th century, when the benedictine monks first founded their monastery and church there. Notwithstanding its petite dimensions, it is a precious treasure chest, rich in history, art and culture.

The “Basilica”, whose white and elegant facade will welcome us off the water boat, was built entirely in the Classical style by the great “Maestro” Andrea Palladio towards the end of the 16th century. Inside one can view both the imposing altar by Girolamo Campagna and the great paintings by Tintoretto: ‘Ultima Cena’ and ‘Raccolta della Manna’. The painting ‘Vergine con Bambino e Santi’ by Sebastiano Ricci is also of great importance and it is considered one of the masterpieces of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Finally, the best view of the city of Venice: from the bell tower of San Giorgio.
The bell tower of San Giorgio for the Venetians is much more than just a tower, it is a lighthouse without light; behind it the sun sets every evening creating fantastic luminous effects, similar to fireworks all around the tower. From here, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the lagoon surrounded by an unusual peace and quiet.
The current bell tower, 75 metres high, was built in 1791 in the same style as the bell tower of San Marco.

The tower, together with the church and the “Basilica” at its feet, close the circle of perfection that from San Marco touches the church of La Salute, the island of the Giudecca with its solemn architectonic buildings, and this place where only silence seems real and invincible, even amongst the deafening hordes of tourists.

Did you know that a Pope was elected in San Giorgio Maggiore? Let’s discover which one together!

DURATION: 2,5 hours
LANGUAGE: Italian/English
PRICE: ADULT Euro 40,oo – CHILDREN under 12 years old  Euro 35,oo. The price includes the tickets for Campanile di San Marco, Basilica and Campanile di San Giorgio. Not included the ticket of the boat from San Zaccaria to San Giorgio island.

Past date: 15. August


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